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    Oregon During Fall

    Oregon, located on the West Coast of United States is home to some of the most beautiful state parks, mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. It was my first time visiting during late fall with my boyfriend and I loved it. Fall in the Northwest is absolutely gorgeous because you get to see the autumn foliage. In this post, I am sharing 4 bucket list-worthy outdoor things to do during fall in Oregon.

  • self-care

    A Guide for Self-Care: Tips on How to Start

    Self-care is becoming very popular with trends on Social Media like #selfcaresaturday or #selfcaresunday, but are you taking care of yourself the right way? What are you doing for self-care? These are the questions you should be asking yourself. Let…

  • Yogi

    My Yoga Journey | An Update On My Life

    Yoga has been part of my life for the past 5 years now. It wasn’t until the 2020 pandemic hit that I decided to focus more on myself and my practice. This is when my yoga journey really started. When…