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Healing Crystals: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

This Healing Crystals Guide will give you an insight into their meanings, properties, how you can cleanse and charge them, mantras you can use, and where to place your crystals at home.

I have always been intrigued by astrology and energies. It is fascinating the way healing crystals can possess such powerful properties.

Crystals Meanings

There are so many healing crystals, however I have created a list below of what I own.

List of Crystals and it’s energetic meanings and properties;

  1. Clear Quartz (Master healer stone) healing stone as it increases spiritual wisdom. It enhances personal awareness, provides mental clarity, and clears mental blocks all while improving focus. Works on the 7th chakra (Crown chakra) cleansing and aligning all the other chakras.
  2. Amethyst (Spirituality Stone) is one of the most popular gemstones. It is a protective, healing, and purifying stone. Works well on the 7th chakra (Crown Chakra) removing any blockages that are holding you back from your highest self. Amethyst is known as an “air” element that provides calm and positivity. 
  3. Black Tourmaline (Grounding stone) one of the most powerful protective stones. Offers protection while repelling negative energy. Used for mediation as it keeps you more grounded and centered. Works on the 1st chakra (Root Chakra), improves confidence and trust.
  4. Pyrite (Grounding stone) is also known as a stone of luck. A powerful manifestation stone, used to attract abundance in wealth and prosperity. For new beginnings, it is used for willpower and resilience. It works on the 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus) for patience, honesty, and balance.
  5. Jade (Luck stone) also known as a good fortune stone attracting abundance in wealth and success. It is a healing stone helping with well-being and living a prosperous life. It works on the 4th chakra (Heart chakra) as it provides harmony to the wearer.
  6. Citrine (Happy Stone) a stone of abundance and happiness. Ideal for manifestation, attracting wealth, prosperity and success. It works on the 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus) boosting confidence increasing energy levels and sparks motivation.
  7. Selenite (Calming Stone) excellent for meditation or spiritual work. Cleanses and charges other crystals and it brings clarity and positivity. Works on the 1st (Crown chakra) and 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus) radiating light energy, purity, and honesty.crystal healing guide
  8. Lapiz Lazuli (Inspirational Stone) enhances wisdom and truth promoting self-awareness. It encourages honest and open communication. It works on the 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus) and it is good for meditation if you’re looking to deepen your connection to self.
  9. Blue Kyanite (Communication Stone) restores the flow of energy to the. If you have stagnant energy use this stone to cleans and realign all your chakras. Works on the 5th chakra (Throat chakra).
  10. Larimar (Healing Stone) known as the “stone of Atlantis”, reduces stress and aids in overcoming fears. Promotes relaxation and peace. Works on the 4th (Heart chakra) and 5th chakra (Throat chakra) radiating healing and love energy.
Other Crystals to be used;
  • Rose Quartz (Universal Love Stone) nurtures, supports, and opens the heart. It is a very important stone for compassion, stimulating forgiveness. Works on the 4th chakra (Heart chakra) encouraging unconditional love and purifying the heart. It calms the mind and releases worry.

How to Cleanse and Charge your Crystals

cleansing crystals

The more you use your crystals the more energy they absorb. However, you will have to program your crystal first with a specific affirmation (what you want your crystal to help you with). After that, you can start cleansing and charging your stones. Do this once a month during a Full Moon or New Moon.

There are many ways you can cleanse your crystals. Here’s a list of a few;

Crystal Cleansing Rituals;

  • Smudging- smudging with Sage or Palo Santo. Gently run them through the smoke.
  • Sea Salt- place your crystals in a bowl of sea salt, rock salt, or Himalayan salt.
  • Sunlight- charge your crystals with solar energy during the day and allow it to wash over them.
  • Moonlight- place under a full moon and leave them overnight to absorb the moon’s energy.
  • Sound- crystals tones, singing bowls can cleanse and activate them. The high frequencies can cleanse and activate your crystals.
  • Grounding- place your crystals in the earth and bury them overnight. Let the earth remove lower energies and ground the energy.
  • Crystals- Selenite and Clear Quartz can cleanse your crystals. Place them near each other in a charging tray.

Some stones are NOT sea salt friendly such as; Hiddenite, Angelite, Selenite cannot be put in saltwater. Stones and minerals that should be kept away from salt include; Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, and Hematite.

Other stones that CAN’T get wet include; amber, turquoise, red coral, fire opal, moonstone, calcite, kyanite, kunzite, Angelite, azurite, selenite. 

Direct Sunlight; some crystals may fade if placed in direct sunlight. Some crystals that may fade are amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, smoky quartz. Keep this in mind when you are going to cleanse and charge your crystals. The same goes when you wear them, for instance, prolonged sun exposure like going to the beach, can make them fade in time.

Charging your Crystals;

Firstly, hold your stone on your left hand (the receiving hand), inhale/exhale, and then say aloud an intention or affirmation, for example, “I dedicate this crystal to the highest good, I ask that it be used in love and light”. Program your crystal for a specific use or what you want your crystal to support you with. Secondly, visualize and feel what it would look like as your intentions come true. Thirdly and most importantly, say “thank you” three times.

Mantras/ affirmations

You can use the following mantras while charging your crystals with intentions;

  • Clear Quartz- “I am crystal clear about the thoughts and feelings I want to magnify”.
  • Amethyst- “I follow my intuition and listen to my dreams”.
  • Black Tourmaline- “I protect my energy and set healthy boundaries”.
  • Pyrite- “I dare to step into my power to create new healthy habits for myself”.
  • Jade- “I am emotionally balanced and attracting peace and good luck into my life”.
  • Citrine- “I manifest wealth, success and abundance”.
  • Selenite- “I am energy manifested in the physical realm and my life moves with grace”.
  • Lapiz Lazuli- “I am aligned with my deepest truth”.
  • Blue Kyanite- “I welcome positive changes into my life”.
  • Larimar- “I trust my innate power and wisdom”.
  • Rose Quartz- “I love and value my authentic self. I open my heart to receive and give love”.

Where to place your Crystals

crystals You can wear your crystals, for instance, in necklaces, rings, bracelets, and charms. You can wear them the following day you have cleansed and charged them. This is a good way to connect with them and absorb their energy.

You can also place them in your bedroom, living room, and even at the office. This will depend on what crystal you own.

Here are some examples;

  • Black Tourmaline- cleanses and protects from negative energy coming into your home.
  • Jade- to welcome wealth and good luck.
Living Room:
  • Amber- for relaxation
  • Selenite- to cleanse
  • Amethyst- good communication
  • Carnelian- uplifting, energizing and to increase your creativity
  • Celestite- enhance health and wellbeing
  • Citrine- to focus
  • Rose Quartz- for love

bedside table

  • Amethyst- place next to your bedside table or under your pillow to aid your sleep.
  • Citrine- good under your pillow to alleviate nightmares and promote a goodnight’s sleep.
  • Rose Quartz- for love, romance and joy.
  • Black Tourmaline- for cleansing and protection.
  • Clear Quartz- to clear the energy
  • Amethyst- for focusing and opening your mind
  • Black Tourmaline- to block any negative energy coming from social media, etc.
  • Citrine- to concentrate
Child’s Bedroom:
  • Hematite- for calming energy
  • Celestite- for soothing and nurturing
  • Obsidian- for absorbing bad energy if they are having nightmares


crystals on carpet

In conclusion, people have been using crystals for centuries, because of the amazing healing properties they possess to balance the mind, body, and spirit.

As a result, there are thousands of healing stones and crystals on the market. However, you must find the right one for you once you know your intention.

I invite you to discover the magical world of crystals. Energy Muse is an amazing page if you want to learn how to use your crystals.

Love By Luna is another page where you can shop crystal-infused offerings and wellness tools.

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