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How to Become More Spiritual in 3 stages

How did you start your Spiritual Journey? Does Yoga have something to do with it? How do you meditate? Does it really work? How do you become more spiritual?

Those are just some of the questions I get asked most frequently. So sit back and relax as I dive right in!

As Humans we are all searching for something.

We search to get answers, for a sign, something to find ourselves. But what happens when we find what we ARE looking for?

Do we just stop searching for all the signs and the answers that were unknown to us?

Let me share with you a little from my background.

I grew up in small town, where everybody knows everyone and for years I was okay living by societies expectations. Doing what I was supposed to do, and what I thought was okay from what I was taught as a kid.

It was not long ago that I started “searching” for myself.

Searching for a sign- something that would point me to the right path. There was something itching. I wasn’t happy, but never let that show.

It might sound selfish because I grew up in a good neighbourhood, went to a good school, college and a job straight after graduation. Perfect right? But something was missing. I wasn’t fulfilled.

There would be times that my mood swings were so bad that my friends would get scared… but I didn’t see this or at least I didn’t want to acknowledge it.

When I turned 29 I knew I wanted to make some changes. Just didn’t know how.

This is where YOGA and the need to become more spiritual came to me.

girl doing yoga during sunset
Yoga at sunset

After some crazy purpose-questioning months, I opted to go on my first retreat in New York. This is where I decided I was going to work on my spiritual path and began meditating on my own.

I started doing what made my happy- Traveling and now Blogging.

Buddha Statue during in Thailand
The Golden Buddha in Thailand

Spirituality is not something you master in a day. It takes time. It;s a work in progress; a progress that honestly never stops.

I have come across some hard times as I’m coming to a place where the way I think, is not as traditional and many people don’t agree with me.

However, this didn’t stop me from getting to know myself deeper, or from going after what makes me happy. I have lost people along the way- who I thought were my friends as I wasn’t going to change who I was just to fit in. Wasn’t going to let them drag me into a path that I wasn’t going to feel comfortable with.

I used to tell myself that the reason I was losing friends was a result from my difficult attitude…. then I realized I was only making excuses. Excuses to let others dictate how I was suppose to be and how I needed to sugar coat everything even the way to speak to others.

Now… I choose quality over quantity and like minded souls. If the new me meant having less fewer friends, then I was, and still am, okay with it. I choose me before anybody else (even if it stills sound selfish).

Now that I have shared a bit about me, I’ll tell you all you have to know about becoming more spiritual.

How to become more Spiritual in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Let Go

First thing you need to know is that when you start focusing on yourself you WILL lose people along the way.

Still learning this.

Not everybody will like the decisions that you will start making. People definitely don’t like it when you start having a better life, or just doing good in general. As harsh as it may sound it is the ugly truth!

You need to be strong and decide who to let go in order to carry on your spiritual journey. Things happen for a reason and if the Universe put someone in your path just for a short time, it was meant to teach you something and prepare you for whats next!

It takes time. It is not something you will conquer in a single day. Once you have decided to really get on this journey and let go of any negativity that has been shadowing you, then you are ready for stage 2.

ย Stage 2: Activities

Start picking up better routines- outdoor sports, yoga, meditation of sunset watching (yes it is a thing).

Any activity that makes you feel like a better person after you have finished, will come in handy. Also, the more you are in contact with nature the better you tend to feel (I can personally say its true). Try to pick an activity that requires at least one hour outside.

People think meditation is sitting in a place with your eyes closed, but it is NOT!

Mala Beads Necklace
Yoga Mala Beads

Meditation is doing anything that will take your mind off overthinking, something that makes you feel at peace.

For example my way of meditating is having a cup of tea while in the later afternoon to the sound the nature while watching the sunset. Another way I meditate is by reading books of enlightenment. Those activities are gratifying for my soul therefore I call it meditating.

A few books recommendations:
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • The Four Agreements: A Personal Guide to personal freedom by Miguel Ruiz
  • Finding your Own North Star: Claiming the life you were meant to live by Martha Beck
  • Steering by Starlight: The Science and Magic of Finding Your Destiny by Martha Beck
  • White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping it Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another by Danielle LaPorte

Another form of meditating that I do is Painting. See?

There’s no right or wrong way to meditate. Just do what feels good to you. You know your meditating when you feel like floating in the clouds… when your mind wanders without any stress but also being present and enjoying that moment.

Try to give yourself an hour without any distractions, such as phones, TV or even any guests so you can connect with yourself.

It’s okay to skip the gym once or twice. Just listen to your body and do what feels right. If you feel you want to Netflix and Chill rather than going out, don’t feel bad about it just do it. Start spending time with yourself, get to know YOU better. This is a journey to know thyself and nobody has the answers but YOU!

Stage 3: Carry On

Stick with what matters to you the most and carry on.

Not happy with what your doing? Then change it.

Quit that Job that is not fulfilling and find another one. Stop daydreaming and make your dreams or goals come true.

I know it sounds easier said than done, but once you take courage and you’re willing to just go for it- everything changes! Everything starts to align perfectly with your Life!

Carry on spending time with your loved ones and friends. Working on your spiritual journey doesn’t mean you need to stop hanging out with the people you care the most or cancelling every dinner plan. Find Balance.

It means to cut the negative thread that is not allowing you to move forward and don’t be afraid to do so.

In order to let in Positive Energy one needs to let out the Negative.


It comes in many forms- thoughts, circle of friends, how you handle situations, jobs, insecurities and even the way you talk to people. These are the negativity you need to repel so you can continue to grow.

Best way?

Surround yourself with people who will lift your mood up and not drain you. Open yourself to the idea of meeting new people. Find those like-minded souls who will not judge you but rather support and encourage you. Choose your circle of friends wisely.


I choose to carry on with what I’m doing right now, I’m happy with how my Life looks and I hope I can motivate and inspire you to find yourself.

blissful moment in Altos de Chavon
Inner Peace

Those are my tips on how you can start your Spiritual Journey or quest to find yourself.

Nothing complicated, there’s no secret on mastering this path. No right or wrong. It’s all about changing our habits to better ones, doing what makes YOU happy and believing in yourself.

Everybody has different goals and each one of you are the protagonists of your own journey.

Trust in the timing of the Universe. It’s all we’ve got.

“Create Good Karma”


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