How To Take Your Own Photos while Solo Travelling

Picture this…. yourself at the top of Mt Batur after hiking up for 2 hours. Inhaling pure oxygen while your mind wanders off as you watch the sun peak up behind Mt Agung.

Jaw dropping image, right?

Now, you start taking photos of this picturesque scenary as many as you can from all angles but then comes the famous question, “who’s going to take a photo of me”?

Sounds familiar?

In this article I will provide you some Tips on How to Master your Photography Skills when Travelling.

But first let me share with you one of the things I get ask all the time…

“Your photos look amazing, who took them? Did you hire a photographer”? These are the most asked question I get when I share some of my travel photos on social media groups.

I would probably say that 90% of all my pictures from Instagram and blog have been taken by me.

I know that taking good pictures of scenery, landscapes, temples etc are easy and straightforward but what about when it comes to us Solo Travellers when we want to be IN the picture?

Hiking Mt Batur *picture taken by another traveler*

As promised here are some important tips I’ve learned while trying to capture those perfect photos as a solo traveller!

Ask a Stranger for Help

I would recommend to do what I always do. Once you get to your destination, start looking around in the crowd until you spot someone who looks like they want to get a photo of themselves and approach them.

Ask if they want to have their photo taken. They always say yes so once that’s done, ask politely if they can take a photo of you.

Communication is the key so tell them what you want in the shot. Even position them on the spot they need to be to snap that photo.

As simple as it may sound not everybody is keen to ask around (some people are too shy for this) but you gotta get out of your comfort zone to get those photos.

Athens *I asked a stranger for a photo who then became a friend*

  • Pros- easy and you also help others to take nice pictures of themselves too.

You start letting go of being shy and opening more to people by asking for help.

You might even meet other solo travellers and become friends (true story as it happened to me in Greece and I’m still in contact with this nice girl I met by asking to take a photo of me and then we ended exploring Athens together).

  • Cons- not everybody will say yes, so it takes patience and a few tries to find the right person.

You won’t get the ‘perfect’ shot right away. You might need to ask a few other people to take more until somenone nails it.


Easy and simple and you don’t have to rely on strangers. You just need to make sure to buy one that’s foldable and good size (not too big), perfect to fit inside your bag pack.

Tip- always try to go where there are no tourists around. By doing so you can get a different angle of what you wish to take a photo of. Ej. If you want to take a photo of a church or temple instead of standing in front of the building (where all the tourists will be) try to go around or at the corner of the building.

Place your tripod there and feel free to take as many pictures as you want without feeling rushed by the so many tourists waiting for their turn.

This will give your photo another perspective and it will stand out from the typical ‘in front’ of the building picture that everybody takes.

Phone Camera

Believe it or not some of my best photos have been taken using my Iphone. The trick is to know how to edit your photos. Never upload an image without having to tweak a bit on the colours. This will make the image pop and stand out more. It takes practice, but hey practice makes perfection and at the end you will have your perfect instagram photo… voilá!

Chinatown, Singapore *photo taken with an iphone*

DSLR Camera

Set your camera with self-timer. Place it on top of a smooth surface and just stand where you want. You can take as many pictures as you want if you put it on continuous shot mode. At the end of your trip you will have tons to choose from.


By far my favourite equipment to travel. It fits everywhere, it has a small tripod inside the selfie stick and many other useful accessories to get for those epic shots.

Self-timer, time-lapse and so many other features a Solo Traveller can take advantage of.

Whether you’re going diving in an exotic south eastern island, hiking Mt. Batur, sandboarding in the Sahara Desert, this camera won’t break and is the perfect tool for making those ultimate action videos.

Santorini *taken with my gorpro*

Join a Travel or Photography Group

ArtScience Museum Singapore *photo taken by another traveler I met at a photography tour*

When Solo Traveling you always get to meet new people. Then why not join or meet up with others who are in the same community as you (bloggers or photographers). You can reach out to meet to shoot together. This is also a great way to start networking.

Gigi Tips to Mastering that Shot

  • Don’t Care About What Others Will Think Of You While Taking Your Photos

Yes, you might look silly posing in front of the tripod or camera (when on self-timer).

Yes, there will be people who will laugh and judge you, but hey you will never see those people again after you have taken those pictures. Outcome? You will end up with great memories and state of the art content.

  • Get Inspiration

Search through Pinterest and/or Google your favourite Blogger or Vlogger. It’s the way I do before traveling to a new place. There are so many amazing travel inspo photos that I honestly sometimes get overwhelm, but it’s the perfect way to find inspiration and then you just need to add your touch to make the shot unique.

  • Be Creative

Don’t only take photos yourself, mix it up. How about bringing an ice cream to the shot? Or let’s say your hands in front of an incredible view. Always try to mix things up, this will difference yourself from the others.

Hong Kong

  • Make a Video

Step up your game and create a traveling video. Doesn’t have to be long but something that shows the places you have visited.

Hope these Tips can be useful for your next trip.


Now go and showcase the world your travel memories that you have created!


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